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Singalong with Rossendale Memory Choir!

We invite you to join our Choir in a virtual fashion. As we are not currently able to meet together, we have been so happy to be able to carry on singing by keeping in touch virtually, and we agreed that we want to share the joy with our friends (old and new). We are aware that so many cannot see their loved ones at the moment, but perhaps singing will make you feel closer to each other.

Use the logo or “Home” link to get back to the homepage at any time.

Here’s how to find our songs – led by one of our choir leaders – Rose.

Browse by Song Themes

Each session has a theme.
In the page footer, under ‘Browse by Song Themes’ there are links to theses such as “Animals” and “Looking on the Brightside!”. These links will take you to all of the songs for that theme quickly and easily from every page.​

There are also special themes which aren’t tied to one session – these are as follows:

  • Original Songs – songs by original artists.
  • Songs to Dance to
  • Warm Up – an important part of our sessions, it helps our voice and brain to work!

Finally, click on “Memory Choir Online Sessions” for a full list of all the songs.

Recently added songs

Also in the footer is a list of our most recently added songs.

At the top of the each page, you​’ll find a search box. Type a keyword or phrase into the box and click on the ‘Search’ button to the right. This will return a list of results; click on the result which best matches your search.


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